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ADD CATEGORY Clinton In The Woods
possible war. The next day KGO-TV's assignment desk received a tip

Bw Of Hope Hotel - Discount Bw Of Hope Hotel Lodging and
Proud To Be The Birthplace And Home Of President Bill Clinton. Exercising * Sunbathing

Buy Us Presidents Fine Art Posters
Games Gardens Georgia Germany Gmc Golden State Warriors Golfing Golf Courses Greece Tv

blogdex - weblog diffusion - Golfing Mongolia » track this july-dec04/clinton_7-07.html.

Click Me Hard Archives: The Right-Hand Man
Bill Clinton’s legacy might actually be more than that 150-pound a mind one might

be mighty proud of the Sand Hill River Golf Course. Clinton asked for 6 billion to

First Off the Tee: Presidential Hackers Duffers and Cheaters
FDR designed dozens of golf courses? is Van Natta's round with a cheatin' Bill

Guest Book
Bill Clinton wa w=md=====md Canada E-Mail::email_addr URL: rv (993936) Bill Clinton's official presidential portait
2004-06-19 09:09:08 AM Mace Man 2004-06-19 08:19:43 AM Smuj You forgot

Home >1998
Dumping 23/10/97- 6/10 20 More Blonde Jokes 24/10/97- 6/10 Bill Clinton 25/10 11/97-

1 - Your golf partner will never say "What John Denver 18) HOW TO GET TO THE SUPER

Rant: Trivial Pursuits
At the White House cigar-smoking Rhodes-scholar dropout Bill Clinton is taking Books: First Off the Tee: Presidential Hackers
Is it really surprising to learn that the section called "Hail to the Cheats" features

::JELyon's Rampage::
Yes the man is gone off to a lifetime of golfing at all-white clubs The cost is

Joke Central Joke of the Day - Zipper Gate
The Bill Clinton version Golfing with Vernon and suborning perjury Falling down drunk

Clinton and the Frog - Politics Jokes - Clean Christian jokes and
jokes and humor about politics politicians presidents Clinton Bush and He decides

Jokes as riddles
We wished President Clinton the best of luck and Why is Bill Gates chained to the

[Reader-list] Rewriting labour laws in the US
Word from the White House is he'll be golfing on the Labor Day weekend Bill Clinton

Sandrine Alexia Knoell along with the ‘voices of golf’ television presenters the

LeeOnline - While You Were Out: Boston Survived - - - - - - -
Of course the big star of the evening was former president Bill Clinton who one

The Humor Depot
Crossbred Dogs; Golfing Vs. POLITICAL: God And Bill Clinton; Law Enforcement;
$28.95 Details Add to Cart. Mottern: Bill Clinton Golfing Bill Clinton News - Bill Clinton - Clinton buys golfing home
FORMER US president Bill Clinton has bought a holiday home at an exclusive

Bill Clinton Mayor of New York - A fictional Clinton mayorship
The prosecutors tried to corner Clinton on some golfing ambiguity but Clinton took

NY Trip Report (1996)
We were a bit nervous about the bill (we hadn't seen any prices and it was Anyway

News - Bill Clinton
Clinton buys golfing holiday home in Ireland Bill Clinton has bought a holiday

Rush Limbaugh Cartoons - Now Hillary Say AHHHH! - Toon 27 - A
I should bet?" The frog replies "Rabbit $3000 black 6." Now this is a million-to-one

Corporate Newsletter
Bruce Christy Director of Golf at Legion Memorial and Charles Clinton Head Golf

Fisc - Don Van Natta Jr. books
Bill Clinton took so many mulligan's the author called them Clinton played loosely

SortaGolf : Clinton Takes Heat For SortaGolfing
longstanding ties to the USGA) about his new book 'First Off The Tee' which profiles

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Hawaii News
If avid golfer Bill Clinton joins John Waihee on the The schedules of Clinton and Compass: Audiobook: 'My Life' by Bill Clinton 07
Audiobook: 'My Life' by Bill Clinton. My Life" by Bill Clinton read by

Strange Dog: It's in the Hole!
Apparently Bill Clinton is almost as good. Here's a quote from this interview

Central Region 2000
Tuesday June 20 Scramble (Best shot format) Willow Lakes Golf Course. Place score

Political and Clinton Jokes
The Bill Clinton version: "My Favorite Things" (From "The Sound of Music") Blow jobs

QD - Nobody does it better
They begin talking and Bill presses the first button I'm going back to Baghdad!"

1 2 3 - Clinton jokes humor and laughs. Browse archive
the difference between George Washington Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton? t tell the

AFA Issues: Culture
Air Force pilot and one-time military attaché to President Bill Clinton says he Republican Non Aviation: Lay's Connection To Clinton Overlooked
Dredging up endless stories about Bill Clinton will never cover up the fact that

Political Cartoons Archive - All Hat No
UnLiberal Press Coverage. Golfing for Peace. Tshirts for Sale; Happy Birthday Bill

ARIANNA ONLINE - January 05 1998 - The most admired man in
John F. Kennedy Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton. we admire someone who

[Attache Archive]
If the golfing public (not to mention some qualifying American golfers) has been prime

Bob Hope - Biography
Probably his greatest achievement in golf is the development and hosting of the Bob to

First Off The Tee Golf Book
And is it surprising at all to learn that the section of this book called “Hail

Clinton Seeks Fresh Supply Of Young Interns
Surgery Seventy-one year old golfing misogynist William Clinton Seeks Fresh Supply

Bestseller BookBasket
to rely solely on the history books Don Van Natta also takes the reader on an eye-opening

Business Conf Young Electronic Designer Awards; Pres Roy Household Golf Club and research

Interview about golfing president Bill Clinton.
After losing in a playoff two days after playing that round of golf with President

Golf Cairns Australia - Cairns Attractions - Cairns Far North
Golf Course is the premier course in Port Douglas and has been host to famous golfers

Impeach Clinton for Waco
The Committee also took Hubbell's word that during the siege he had only
Clinton On Telling Hillary The Truth Clinton's Next Steps AIDS Out Of Control In India

Charleston.Net: Spoleto Today: Say it again for the first time
But I had lots of input for many brilliant people including Bill Clinton an

Charlotte Observer | 06/23/2004 | Clinton book full of kudos for
There are two sides to Bill Clinton. Over the years Bowles apparently

HCI Special: Molly Ivins
The idea of Clinton golfing (!) at such a time almost Clinton never gets credit for

Bill O'Reilly Books Best Selling Bill O'Reilly Books The O'
Comforters Bedding - Frog and Dragonflies Bedding - Golf Theme Bedding Best Selling

Putting the Fish Behind You
himself and does so well that he spends months a year golfing in Scotland. senior

AllPolitics - Notebook - Mar. 24 1997
Clinton Bill Clinton's unhappy fall last week at the home of golf pro Greg Norman

Current Events Humor: Bill Clinton's Favorite Things
Bill Clinton's Favorite Things. Golfing with Vernon and suborning perjury Falling

Bill Clinton and His Family Paper Dolls
series spotlights the American President--Bill Clinton his wife Chelsea and his Great Breaking News Work posted Larry McMurtry's review of Bill Clinton's book "My Life" online a

Daily Pundit Archives
He is too close to former President Bill Clinton his patron and golfing

Finally the Bilderbergers have been revealed in the media - David
and old cars began rolling up at the plush golfing resort near Bill Clinton's close

Democratic Underground Forums - Sorry I was too busy golfing and
108. Sorry I was too busy golfing and fishing to protect Murika..NT. Printer

Golfing clubs give Clinton cold shoulder - 06/01/01
The goal is getting Bill Clinton into a golf club. The effort began while the

Joke of the Day
Joke-of-the-Day Pokes fun of Bill Clinton his administration

djeb Forums - Review early on in the presidency
His golf scores would be extensively reported and analyzed. (Remember Bill Clinton

List of Political Jokes
the day off work and decides to go out golfing everyone should probably know (10/29);

Enter.Net Forum - Clinton's Legacy
a request for you former President Bill Clinton: Please do Clinton must have a hard

List of the Best Golf Courses
a supreme test of golf. Bill Clinton played here in 1998 apparently

FORE-LORN BUBBA'S APPEAL-Clintons barred from 2 golf clubs must
reports at the bottom of Page Six in the celebrity columns that Bill Clinton has

Funny Lists
Used by Star Wars F read The Top 14 Things Bill Clinton Would Say if read

point to Thomas Hart that it didn't matter nor pretend that all the golfing and

Bill Clinton's clothes
JUL. 14. 2003. Bill Clinton's clothes. Bill Clinton donated some old

Planned business park golf course make good partners
by Community Select One Baki said he has been golfing at Chesapeake Hills since the

Golfing Presidents
Bill Clinton was probably the most photographed golfing president. His enthusiasm

First Off The Tee Book by Don Van Natta Jr.
And is it surprising at all to learn that the section of this book called Hail

Ballybunion (Old) Golf Club - Ballybunion Co.Kerry Ireland
Lee Trevino Jack Nicklaus Peter Alliss Ken Venturi and one Bill Clinton to name on

GREAT GOLFING IN MIAMI ~ Challenging Courses and Tropical
public golf course adjacent to the historic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables and

Hannibal Courier-Post News Story Clinton raises money for fellow
'Bill Clinton continues to preach for campaign finance reform during the day a Democratic

President Clinton's "hole-in-one"
Pictured at Harborside International Golf Course with former President Bill Clinton

a drive to get big Democratic donors and friends of Bill to help Clinton's golfing

Cpl Cue Ball Saturday Morning and Bill & Hil. November 15 - 19 1999 Clinton Pokemon

Reviews | The Natural & Bill Clinton and Black America
Gerald Ford into a golfing retirement and find ample opportunities for Clinton to

Bill Tammeus
George Washington lying about not being able to tell a lie to Richard Nixon claiming

Jim’s Joke Repository - Bill Clinton's Favorite Things
Bill Clinton's Favorite Things. hacks I've selected Conspiracy theories that blame

My Favorite Things
My Favorite Things The Bill Clinton version. Golfing with Vernon and suborning perjury

Bill Clinton's Favorite things
The Bill Clinton version: "My Favorite Things" (From "The Sound of Music") Blow jobs

Clinton Jokes @ Joke Email -- Golf -- Bill Clinton jokes archive
> Clinton Jokes Click Here for a Random joke! Random Clinton Joke. >> Clinton Joke

Power broker Jordan untouched by scandal
After testifying five times before a federal grand jury last year Jordan -- Bill

HogBlog: Amerika
else in this magical idyllic land where the Liberals have just won in Quebec and

Subject: Joe
I'll bet you $2000 that you don't know Bill Clinton." "Sure I do" said Joe

The Last Laugh by Frank Fuller: The Sound of Ashcroft
Anyway I'm golfing with them in a couple weeks and they will know by then. Until

Clinton Spotting
Now sightings of Bill Clinton in Scotland are as rare as must move swiftly on as

Luana Hills Golf and Country Club
The hidden valley course is a site for feature films and a frequent stop of celebrities

Marshfield Forum: New Joke Thread
She replies "Can you believe my stupid husband is out golfing?". In it bin Laden

First Off the Tee: Presidential Hackers Duffers and Cheaters
Bill Clinton took so many mulligan's the author called Clinton played loosely with

Democrats criticized Republican Eisenhower for playing too much golf but Van Natta the

Humor #84
Bill Clinton 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC William Jefferson Ave Washington

The Cougar Chronicles Second Term Edition
said I want to make everybody happy so he threw out big Bill (aka Clinton). I was

News 14 Carolina | 24 Hour Local News | Carolina Decides | Clinton
There are two sides to Bill Clinton. Over the years Bowles became a favorite golfing | News
golf." Staff writer Amy Gardner can be reached at 829-8902 or Related

BEST OF LETTERMAN ------------------- * 1 9 9 3 * by Dean Adams
93) T10 Signs You're President Clinton's Long Lost Marv Albert clip Los Problemas

Observer - Hua Hin and Cha-am Jokes and Stories
and there are no official photos of Hitler the hacker in golfing action where family

Opinionet - Don’t Blame Bubba - Doug Patton - 2002-08-25
Yes and as someone said to me recently Bubba was golfing buddies with some of As

Outer Life
My status as a guest in their world is prominently stamped on my golf bag. Once I

Pecos Enterprise News
Gramm said is supported by President Clinton is entitled The The bill is scheduled

Power Line: Enough is enough
was consistent with that report. So why not show pictures of Bill - 150000 Art Prints and Posters. One Store.
View larger Image Bill Clinton Golfing John Mottern RELATED SUBJECTS Photography

Bill Clinton golfing Monica-gate to Kosovo editorial Cartoon
Bill Clinton golfing from Monica-gate sand trap into Kosovo sand trap

PublicAffairs Books: FIRST OFF THE TEE
Is it really surprising to learn that the section called "Hail to the Cheats" features

Open Roads Forum : US paranoia threat to free trade
I think Chetiens close friendship with Clinton & the fact when he visits the

SavannahNOW | Clinton's memoir logs steady first-day sales in
Savannah is no New York. And Bill Clinton is no Harry Potter. Eric Curl looks

January 29 1998; |
It appears Callaway's connection to Bill Clinton is through Vernon Jordan the big-time

Computer game October 2000.
course expansions include the Pebble Beach Suburban Golf Assault and the Famous - Little Rock AR City Guide
You can't hang with the swells all the time and Bill Clinton is nothing if not

the Progressive Southerner Web Log FREE blog daily blogging
long had the sneaking suspicion that Bill Clinton was allowed Clinton who allowed

Honest Bill. || McLaren Fans - Unofficial McLaren F1 Message Board
Honest Bill. Now this is a million-to-one shot to win but after the golf game the So

Stay in Kerry Golf
Major Celebrities like Bill Clinton Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones

VV Jokes > Politician gov't > Candidate Clinton vs. President
Candidate Bill Clinton: Cut taxes for middle class President Bill Clinton: Wants

A Day At The Golf Course
Ribbit $3000 black 6." Now this is a million-to-one shot to win but after the - Christian Teen Community
Now this is a million-to-one shot to win but after the golf game Clinton figures

HAIL TO THE CHIEF - Sightings from The Catbird Seat
Quayle says "anybody who knows Dan Quayle knows he would rather play golf than have by

Bill Clinton has a 13 year old black illegitimate son named Danny
6/30 /98. Does Bill Clinton have a very black and very illegitimate son named Danny

The Holland Sentinel: Opinion: It's time now for Kenneth Starr to
Won't be easy to prove Clinton (or sidekick Bruce Lindsey or golfing buddy Vernon > Bill Clinton and The Frog
Bill Clinton got the day off of work and decides to go out golfing. He is

Clinton's Last Days
The Bush people wanted to lend Clinton a DC-9 her days full and Bill's suddenly empty--that

Tom McMahon: July 14 2003 - July 20 2003 Archives
Bill Clinton and His Family Paper Dolls: One of a series of Presidents

Joke of the Day
of-the-Day Pokes fun of Bill Clinton his administration Conservative Columnists: Ann Coulter
nearly everyone was insisting the country loved Bill Clinton. also after spending

Bob Hope: Shopping
$15.99 - Buy Now Spanning over 7 decades with 11 Presidents - from FDR to JFK and Game Show Scoreboard (Daily)
Lappas added a three day golfing vacation in the Adirondacks to his prize He thought

TV Nation and Awful Truth News From The TV MegaSite
something much bigger than "Bill Clinton." Regardless of how you feel about this

Up For Poker Blog: Sam Walton and the Great Poker Sale
You might follow up with the tell-tale "Na-na-na-na-na" golfing Zen

Eclipse's Political Signature Quote Collection: The Clintons
Bill Clinton spent Wednesday golfing at a Florida country club that has no black

UsaONE Joke net
Blue Mountain -blondes -heaven or hell -Real hunk -Blond Tampon -The golfing priest

USA Trivia Golf
Richard Nixon Ronald Reagan George Bush and Bill Clinton kept their golf scores JD Profile: Vernon Jordan
His connections in the establishment - in business (he is on 11 blue-chip corporate

Re: Clinton Wanted UFO Probe (The New York Post) BILL WANTED UFO HUBBELL BOOK By DEBORAH ORIN President

Wake Up or Die: Hall of Shame; Bill Clinton While The Branch
Mark Grobmyer is a golfing buddy of 1992 campaign and the subsequent payoff

"Ball Boys" by Jamie Malanowski
This is clearest in the book's most entertaining chapter an account of Special Report: Clinton Accused
at the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse last week was Clinton's golfing goombah

World Of The Strange - Newsletters > ~1997-12-01 - Bill Wanted UFO BILL WANTED UFO HUBBELL BOOK By DEBORAH ORIN President

Sunny 95 Columbus Ohio Air-Staff
I enjoy golfing scuba diving traveling performing magic and collecting Pez dispensers! I

Press & Dakotan - Janklow Discusses Indian Issues With Students 06
The 1970s marked confrontations with the American Indian Movement and Janklow persuaded

Funny Lists
The Top 14 Things Bill Clinton Would Say if He Were in "Star Wars". The Top 14 Signs

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton (1946-) was elected president of the United Clinton became a skillful

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